Children's Circle of Care

Membership Contribution Criteria

Children’s Circle of Care members are part of a society of leading benefactors that provide private investment that is critical to advancing pediatric medicine in the United States and Canada. New members are welcomed.

To become a member, simply choose one of the participating children’s hospitals to support.

Contributions may be made directly to the participating children’s hospital or directed to the participating children’s hospital through other organizations such as a family foundation, hospital-affiliated guilds, community foundations or United Way.

Membership is open only to living donor(s). The minimum gift level for membership is $10,000 within a calendar year (January 1 through December 31). Several smaller gifts from the same donor may be accumulated during the year to reach the $10,000 minimum.

Contributions may be made as follows:

  • An outright cash gift or an irrevocable deferred gift with a present value not less than $10,000 (excludes pledges).
  • The gift may be made in the form of cash or assets readily convertible to cash (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.).
  • By contributing at least $10,000 more than the fair market value of goods and services received when purchasing goods and services, such as at auctions. This only applies in situations where the fair market value of the goods and services received can be accurately calculated.

In-kind contributions are not eligible. Matching gifts cannot be counted toward the $10,000 total. Gifts from estates, auxiliary or service organizations, public corporations, private foundations or corporate philanthropic foundations are not eligible.

Gifts may be unrestricted or designated for any institutional program.

The Royal Circle of Care

Children’s Circle of Care created the “Royal Circle” level membership in 2003 to recognize donors whose cumulative contributions to any of the participating children’s hospitals have crossed the $1-million mark since the program began in 1995. There are nearly 1,300 Royal Circle members in the United States and Canada. Their commitment is an inspiration to all.

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